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Cuccio Milk-Honey Manicure

Cuccio Milk-Honey Manicure
60 minutes manicure with Spa entrance: 18000HUF
60 minutes manicure without Spa entrance: 14500HUF

No Spa rates apply only for single treatment. If you book your Manicure, Pedicure with other spa treatments, it is necessary to redeem Spa entrance.

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60 min. manicure:

-milk petal aroma hand bath with rose-leaves

-cuticle removal

 -nail filing,shapin

 -hand peeling

-nail polish / gel set

-creamy hand massage


Please be note that doing gel set takes more time which will might reduce time from peeling and massage.

  Gel set removal (gel set was made in Mandala Day Spa): FREE

Gel set removal for guests who did their nails in other salon costs 2.500 HUF


75.min manicure

-rose petal aroma bath

 -cuticle removal

 -nail filing,shaping

 -hand peeling

-deep dermal transforming wrap with hot gloves 

-nail polish / gel set

-creamy hand massage




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Honey binds moisture, therefore makes the skin more resilient, elastic and tight. It deeply nourishes the skin, softens dry skin and soothes sensitive irritated skin. Makes dull-colored skin more shiny, glowing and radiant and prevents discoloration. Anti-aging, helps to renew skin cells.


Lactic acid also helps to renew skin cells, exfoliating, hydrating and emollient, refreshes and stimulates the skin. Makes the protective layer of the skin stronger, the skin becomes more radiant and fuller. It improves skin texture and lightens skin discoloration.