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Lomi lomi

Lomi lomi
60 minutes: 16500HUF
75 minutes: 21500HUF
90 minutes: 24500HUF
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The Lomi lomi is a unique treatment what looks like a beautiful dance of therapist with special movements of palm, elbow and forearm. The meaning of lomi lomi in Hawaiian language is "rubbing".

The delicate and various movements help to relief the pain from the whole body meanwhile resolving internal energy blocks and creating perfect harmony for body and mind.

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The marvelous Hawaiian massage . . .


Lomilomi is the word used today to mean "massage therapist" or "Hawaiian massage."Lomi lomi practices varied greatly by family, ahupua’a (region) and island. Like all endeavors in old Hawaii, lomi lomi was conducted with prayer and intention.

Today, lomi lomi is a common and popular form of massage throughout the world. The purpose of Lomi Lomi  is to do away with both emotional and physical stress. Lomi Lomi begins with a prayer, done by the therapist asking for healing of the individual.




Traditional lomi lomi practitioners may also ask their clients to pray, meditate, change their diets, and engage in other selfhelp activities usually believed to lie outside the scope of massage. Lomi lomi is a holistic healing tradition beyond simple massage.

The free-flowing strokes that typify lomi lomi have many of the same benefits of traditional Swedish massage: improved circulation and immune response, increased range of motion and flexibility, faster healing, lower blood pressure. Lomilomi practitioners use the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, even sticks and stones.




Lomi lomi massage technique covers a broad area of the body and works the muscles often simultaneously to encourage the continuous flow of love and harmony. This is the goal of every lomi lomi massage, returning to our natural state.


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