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Slimming Body Treatments

Slimming Body Treatments

The slimming body treatments focus on the thigh-buttocks-abdomen area to fight against the cellulite.

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What is cellulite?

The cellulite is the connective tissue's (fat tissue under the skin) edema, caused by a lot of toxic substances accumulated in the cells. Diet is usually not the solution to the problem, because the main mass of the material trapped in cells is not fat, but water (still cannot respond to diuretics).

Cellulite affects 90% of adult women mainly in the hip area and thighs. It develops gradually, 14% of cases already appear during adolescence. Predisposing factors are the menopause, pregnancy and also taking contraceptive pills. Initially only visible if a piece of skin is pinched between the fingers, later standing up and lying down is noticeable.