EGF regenerating oxygen facial by Genosys

EGF regenerating oxygen facial by Genosys
60 min: 48000HUF

The price of the treatment includes two hours of relaxation in the teahouse and to use the infrared sauna in the dressing room. If you do not wish to take advantage of this option, -20% will be deducted from the price!

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This is a unique bubble treatment that makes tired and stressed skin healthy with skin regenerating ingredients such as EGF and madecassoside. It delivers oxygen to the skin, thereby regenerating skin damaged for various reasons.

EGF: Epidermal growth factor. It stimulates the division and differentiation of keratinocytes and epidermal skin cells, thereby supporting natural cell renewal. From now on, it helps wound healing, attracts cells to the wounds, which start the restorative processes.

Deep cell regenerating, anti-wrinkle, hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant facial treatment.
Especially recommended for mature and tired, dull skin.
The treatment offers us the opportunity to regain this harmony, combined with luxury
our natural cosmetics with nature's own materials, such as the elements of the sea and the earth.
All this is complemented by special rejuvenating massage techniques, and each therapist is personal
energy. The resulting synergy can be seen in the tightening effect of the tissues and the inflammation of the face
reduction, skin radiance and general well-being, an undeniable source of beauty.



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As necessary, we treat problems such as dehydration, lipid deficiency, hypersensitivity, a sebaceous gland imbalance, sagging, wrinkling, or pigmentation.