Balinese massage

Balinese massage
60 minutes: 36000HUF
75 minutes: 43000HUF
90 minutes: 49500HUF
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The traditional Balinese massage involves different holistic techniques embracing Swedish techniques, lomi lomi, ayurveda and acupressure. The main goal of the Balinese massage is to help you get into a relaxed state of mind in rotation of gentle and deep massage techniques.

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Tranquil relaise from the Island of the Gods

- Balinese massage -

Balinese massage is a traditional Indonese massage which is originating on the island of Bali. This massage integrates influences from several cultures, like India and China. It involves combination of massage techniques, reflexology and acupressure into one session. Particularly this type of massage is associated with with an Indian holistic medical system - Ayurveda - which highlight the balance of the body and mind. The main purpose of Balinese massage is to reach a relaxed state of mind, to achieve this, the therapist by his motions stimulates the blood and oxygene flood of the body.


Overall, Balinese is a kind of a deep massage, designed to work almost the whole body and every musle, although the "spa versions" of the massage are more gentle, and focus on relaxation of the costumer. Therapists use veriety of techniques and movements, including acupressure, standard massage techniques - long exploration, short exploration, sliding and kneading.



Elements of Balinese massage:

Acupressure - on definite bodyparts firm pressure is applied, it is belived, it stimulates the self-healing process of the body, and helps to relax the muscles, promote the blood flow

Reflexology - similar to acupressure, but specifed on the feet, hands and ears - according to Eastern medication, these bodyparts are harmonize with organs and body systems.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - key points of the Balinese massage, these strongly scented oils help soothe the mind, relieve stress and relax the body. Common scents are rose, jasmine, levander, and sandalwood.

Benefits of the Massage

In addition to bring a release to knotted and tense muscles, it helps for sleep disorders and migraines, reduces anxiety and stress, boosts general sense of well being.