Suction Pump Vacuum

60 min: 35000HUF
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The ancestor of modern vacuum technology, the bloodletting was already used 3,000 years ago.


Reference mechanism

During the treatment a glass suction pipe ending in a bell shape (so-called Cupping) is put on the skin to be treated. In the bell a continuous or pulsing vacuum is generated, with adjustable intensity. The vacuum sucks the skin immediately with the fat cells under the skin. Toxins leave the body by the lymphatic system activated by the treatment.

This method uses the vacuum's repetitive and pulsating waves to squeeze and stimulate subcutaneous tissue. This stimulation effects the production of collagen fibers thereby increasing skin elasticity and creating more smooth skin tones.


WARNING: The treatment is not painless. The first couple of times the skin can be sensitive and bruising can occur. This is due to the weak connective tissue and toxin buildup. By the strengthening of connective tissue and collagen production the selection of excreta improves, resilience increases and discomfort reduces during the treatment.


Recommended treatment frequency: 2 - 3 times per week. Visible results can be seen after 10-15 treatments. It may be used as a preventative or maintenance treatment.


What should one pay attention to during the vacuum massage treatment?

Heightened lymphatic exists not only during the treatment, but will continue in the next few days. It is therefore recommended to increase your fluid consumption, drinking at least 1,5 – 2L of mineral water (preferably non-carbonated) per day. This way we can support our lymphatic system to help the removal of the toxins.


Contraindicated with:

Acute inflammatory processes

Thyroid dysfunction

Thrombotic or suspected thrombosis areas

Edemas caused by Heart Failure

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