Skin Analyzer

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Skin Analyzer image 1

The skin analysis device uses 28 million high-resolution pixels to access facial skin images while using 8-spectrum imaging technology;

AI face recognition technology as well as 3D simulation technology together to map the structure of the skin.
It is able to recognize 14 skin health indicators, all of which involve a comprehensive analysis and assessment of skin problems in order to provide you with an accurate skin analysis during the consultation. 

We use current images to assess the state and future development of skin aging.
The analysis function can be divided into different regions: full face, t-zone, o-zone, and u-zone.


The various functions are:

  • 3D simulation technology: 3D simulation accurately recognizes facial features and quantitatively analyzes a skin problem.
  • AI Face Recognition Technology: Artificial Intelligence uses a face recognition algorithm for all skin types.