Holistic Swedish Massage

Holistic Swedish Massage
60 minutes: 30000HUF
75 minutes: 35500HUF
90 minutes: 40500HUF
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The main purpose of this massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscle while enabling you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy. The mild version of this massage is based on a gentle technique, which is also beneficial for the muscles and the skin. During the treatment natural-based massage oil is used.

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The first introduction was in the 19th century by the Swedish  Pehr Henrik Ling  and by Johann Georg Mezger from Netherlands . The most widely recognized and common type of massage is the Swedish massage which is also known as the classic massage.  We highly recommend to choose this treatment for all our customers. It is also a great choice for the very first massage experience.


Benefits of  Swedish massage:

alleviate muscle pain

increase joint flexibility

exercise muscles

pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs improving circulation

lessen depression and anxiety

relax and soften tired muscles



Swedish massage Mandala Day Spa


The therapists use five basic strokes: kneading, rubbing ,gliding,  friction, vibration/shaking. To maximize the experience of the treatment we avoid vibration and shaking in our Day Spa. The combination of these strokes result great effect on our body . It helps also to relieve muscle tension.  The pressure of the massage can be chosen so it can be both relaxing and energizing. 


We also recommend the Combination of East and West massage. Please have a look on the following link: